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Calle Canóniga 14 3º

33003 Oviedo (Spain)


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Centaurea are a Business Development Agency dedicated to business services. Our goal is to provide support and encouragement to companies, whatever their size and sector. Without overlooking the new challenges of social entrepreneurship, we are specialists in Management and Business Development, geared to innovation and competitiveness.

Business Development involves the continuous search for new ways to generate revenue from an established Business Model. This envolves the active search for new opportunities, detecting or creating market needs, seeking synergies and strategic alliances and creating an innovative product or process.

Therefore, we accelerate and facilitate the execution of the executive management regarding innovation, aligning to a series of objectives and business strategies in a given timeframe. The outsourcing of certain processes in R&D projects generates lower costs and is more efficient and effective for the business sector.

In a changing world, we want society to attain a smart and sustainable economy. These priorities, which are mutually reinforcing, will contribute to generating high levels of employment and productivity, establishing benefits in terms of innovation, climate and energy.