En Centaurea Tech Development desarrollamos e implementamos tecnologías mediante proyectos ad-hoc, proyectos propios que dan soluciones a la industria y a la sociedad, aportando soluciones a medida para proyectos de ingeniería y cubriendo necesidades en materia de sostenibilidad, medioambiente, logística y seguridad alimentaria entre otros.



Europe has much to offer the rest of the world in terms of the provision, processing, modelling and exploitation of Earth system information. The European landscape is at present rather fragmented and complex. There are many activities being performed on local, regional, national and European levels. Activities are based on a wide range of data sources (space borne, air-borne, in-situ and citizen observatories) which provide data at different spatial and temporal scales, in different formats and data is obtained from different access points.

These activities meet the needs of a wide range of user communities but these activities are very often not connected together or coordinated to provide a coherent picture at European level.

With this goal, the open science infrastructure SkyScout will develop a new application new commercial products and services using GEOSS and Copernicus data and services The consortium include 3 members with expertise in markets and business consultancy, financial and technlogical companies.

SkyScout is a innovative environmental information service. The SkyScout project enables extraction of value from Copernicus data and increases the ease and usage with which it is handled. Skyscout has the potential to live up to the ambitious initiative set up by the European Commission to consolidate and simplify access to Copernicus data and is going a step further in accurately serving public authorities, industry, data users and the public, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of Copernicus.

Citizens and companies will act as validators of the products in different environmental settings in close cooperation with the SkyScout partners of Software development. In addition SkyScout is a large and challenging project which will create many new jobs within the EU.


Roundwood production in the EU-28 amounts 425 million m³ (EU is the largest producer within the G20). In addition to internal production, EU imports 4.8B€ of timber and other wood products. All this timber has to be transported. Logistics operations and its traceability assurance are a mayor point of weakness for the European Woodworking companies because, once the timber is harvested and loaded, only experts can differentiate some species from other while its origin can only be stablished with complex laboratory analysis. This implies two mayor challenges fakes and illegal logging, which cannot be solved with current available solutions and cause penalties, claims, bad image or even the immediate suspension of authorization to trade.

In fact, illegal logged and traded wood represents 19% of the total wood products imported in the EU, reason why the EC approved the European Timber Regulation (EUTR). This regulation aims at combating this problem and applies to all woodrelated products commercialized in the EU, including internal production and imports.

We create TIMBERLOCK, the first commercial system for on-site identification of quality and origin of wooden products. TIMBERLOCK targets to place in the market a simple (low training required), accurate (>99% certainty with respect to wood species and 95% with respect to country of origin), fast (<5 sec measurement) and low-cost solution to ascertain wood origin and solve illegal trade and quality fakes.



 Acrylamide is a human neurotoxin classified as a probable carcinogen. It is present in heat-processed foods high in carbohydrate, such as snack foods, potato crisps, breads, cereal products, and coffee. Therefore acrylamide is considered a public health risk.

Since April 2018, a new EU directive has entered into force, which urges food operators to monitor the presence of acrylamide in foodstuffs. However, existing acrylamide detection techniques rely on time-consuming, expensive and complex assays that are only conducted to a few samples of products in the laboratory.

The INNOVATION provides a non-invasive, rapid, robust, accurate and 5x cheaper inspection system adapted for at-line and real-time monitoring. AFREELAMIDE is a detection device that uses near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology to efficiently inspect food piece one by one and detect acrylamide.


                                                 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research                                                   and innovation programme under grant agreement     No 867628

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