Improving processes towards a sustainable future


Focused on Industrial Innovation

In Centaurea we scout, develop and implement technologies through projects giving solutions to industry, covering needs in terms of process improvement looking sustainability, energy efficiency, cost reduction, better logistics and food safety among others.

Project Development

We implement solutions in industrial processes, designing, executing and managing projects. Centaurea accelerate and facilitate the execution of project management regarding innovation, aligning to a series of business strategies in a given timeframe. The develop of R&D projects generates lower costs and is more efficient and effective for the industrial sector.

Typology of Industrial Projects

Platform interconnections, development of new sensors, data collection, industrial simulation projects, solutions for advanced data processing, collaborative technologies for manufacturing.


In the first phases, we carry out technological consulting services to design improvements in industrial processes, working on the scouting of base solutions, proofs of concept and raising funds to implement improvements.


We are connected with technology transfer offices, start-up accelerators and research centers to detect solutions to industry.


According to the proposed development, grant consultancy services could be included to finance the R&D industrial solution.


In the execution phases, we implement the improvements designed and tested in the target processes, including the design of projects together with their execution, management, testing and final validations.


We develop proofs of concept to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed solutions, including ROI study if is the case.


Centaurea designs and executes end-to-end project due the validation of feasibility study generated in the proofs of concept.


In Centaurea we help clients bring intelligence to their factories, plants and production centers by using analytical system based on the capture and acquisition of difficult data in heterogeneous matrices and appliying Business intelligence (BI) tools allowing the preparation, management and visualization of data through a model of BI solutions based on EaaS, Equipment as a Service.

Business intelligence tools enable our end users to identify actionable insights from raw data, facilitating data-driven decision making by deploying technologies such as:

IIoT technology

Spectral sensor technology

Real-time monitoring & data analytics
Prediction models and simulations
IT & OT integration

Our APPLIED DATA for BI tool developments allow our users and clients to analyze performance metrics, controlling risk parameters, and extracting useful information in real time to solve operational problems to increase levels of quality and productivity, while reducing costs, risks and waste. In addition, we provide prediction models for process control and simulations for product quality control with our systems.

These tools reduce dependencies on outsourcing and enable decision makers to identify gaps in performance, quality, and supplier control, to make informed business decisions and advance each client company's position in the marketplace.


Acrylamide is a human neurotoxin classified as a probable carcinogen. It is present in heat-processed foods high in carbohydrate, such as snack foods, potato crisps, breads, cereal products, and coffee. Therefore acrylamide is considered a public health risk.

Since April 2018, a new EU directive has entered into force, which urges food operators to monitor the presence of acrylamide in foodstuffs. However, existing acrylamide detection techniques rely on time-consuming, expensive and complex assays that are only conducted to a few samples of products in the laboratory.

Our solution provides a non-invasive, rapid, robust, accurate and effective cost inspection system adapted for at-line and real-time monitoring. AFREELAMIDE is a detection device that uses near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology to efficiently inspect food piece one by one and detect acrylamide.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement

No 867628



We have been awarded the Seal of Excellence of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program


Centaurea has been recognized by the Government of Spain as an innovative SME for our innovative developments applied to the industry