R&D Funfing and Management


We are professional consultants in the field of application and management of public funding for your company. Through the different National and International Organizations, a multitude of calls for public funding are published every year.

Our personalized service allows us each year to work together with different companies in the identification and scope of their projects, maximizing the fundings which their R&D projects may opt for.

We have experience in drafting and applying for projects and associated administrative procedures. Centaurea maximizes the chances of success by selecting the appropriate programs and offering consulting services to obtain the necessary financing to accelerate the development of a new product or process.

In other hand, we manage and develop projects that have received funding, by mentoring and controlling all processes from beginning to the end.

We are committed to the selected projects, helping to fulfill the operational, technical and financial requirements, offering professional knowledge and support throughout the life cycle of the project. Oriented to competitiveness, we specialize in the management, coordination and development of R & D projects for companies and organizations at  an International level, establishing consortiums and performing technical and economic deliverables.

In addition, aware of the current difficulties to complete the financing of projects by loans, we act as a platform that aims to be the meeting point between private investors and entrepreneurs. We have commitments with third parties that rely on our selection criteria and work management capacity to opt for private investments.

Finally, Centaurea provides companies with the required tools to complete  R & D projects and take them to the next level through different services, such as sectoral studies, management of tangible and intangible assets, product development plans and business plans, internationalization and strategic reorientation, audit of accounts, always with permanent support.


Technology Tranfer

In Centaurea we offer a technology scout service for technology transfer, assisting the business development of startups, SMEs and large companies.

We firmly believe that investment in R&D results in the market launch of more competitive products as well as more efficient production processes with less environmental impact. These actions allow companies to stand out from the competition.

Companies look for solutions that adapt to their needs. The implementation of new technologies available in the market can provide important business benefits besides cost savings. In Centaurea we connect startups, SMEs or large companies with the aim of entering new markets.

The technology transfer generates strategic benefits, such as the opportunity to enter new markets that promote the growth and expansion of the company, the diversification and opening of new lines of business and identifying of new strategic lines in order to open up the market and future businesses. We identify costumers and strategic partners for the development and commercialization of technologies and products.